The Tribune Group has a long and proud history as a voice in the Parliamentary Labour Party.

Labour Tribune MPs want to build on that heritage by initiating policy discussions and engaging with the wider Labour movement right across the UK.  By working with individuals and organisations that share our values and common goals, we will develop ideas and policy to shape future debate.

MPs of the centre left - who make up the bulk of the PLP - have a huge amount to contribute and the group will provide a forum to develop ideas and policies that will help take our party forward.  Labour Tribune MPs will provide a means by which members of the PLP can engage with the wider Labour movement to stimulate discussions and debate among party members at every level.

We will produce a series of discussion documents on our website that we hope others will use to initiate debates within their local parties and trade unions, allowing them to contribute their ideas and thoughts as the policies develop.  We also aim to hold discussions across the country and provide speakers to help facilitate debates.

Our country faces profound new challenges and the risks of failure fall most on those with the least. Labour can only earn the right to a hearing as a party of government by showing we understand those challenges- economic, social, cultural- and can offer practical and forward looking solutions.