the tribune group has a long and proud history as a voice in the parliamentary labour party.

We want to build on that heritage by initiating policy discussions and engaging with the wider Labour movement right across the UK. By working with individuals and organisations that share our values and common goals, we will develop ideas and policy to shape future debate.




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    our projects

    Sharing the Future: Workers and Technology in the 2020s

    Yvette Cooper

    "Technology is already fast changing the world of work – creating remarkable new opportunities but also serious dangers of widening inequality and injustice unless we act. The Covid-19 crisis makes those dangers much more acute. Government, employers and unions cannot stand back and watch while inequality grows. We need urgent action now to make sure all workers benefit and that we use technology to rebuild a fairer, stronger, greener economy instead. That is what this report is all about."

    Labour's Northern Soul: How Labour can rebuild the Red Wall across the North

    Judith Cummins, Justin Madders and Peter Dowd

    "Labour should probe and highlight the government's so-called ‘levelling up’ agenda at every turn. We need to hold the government to both the letter and spirit of its promises— public money to help left-behind areas must be fairly allocated—and develop our own programme to truly rebalance towards Northern economies. Central to our critique should be that all these initiatives are Whitehall-led and decided, relying on ad hoc, politically divisive decisions rather than a genuine attempt to see parts of the country given the power and the resources to shape their own destiny."


    The New Dividing Lines

    The Tory leadership battle already tells us where the dividing lines at the next election will be.  Well, one thing is already clear. The Tories…

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    Chaos Has Consequences

    This week's report into the debacle of Britain's evacuation from Afghanistan lays bare the failing core of Britain's state. A Labour Shadow …

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    Stephen Timms on Replacing Universal Credit

    Massive growth in foodbank demand over the past decade has been one of the most shameful impacts of Tory rule.  It has paralleled the roll-out…

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    The Tories abandoned Afghanistan. We will not let them abandon those left behind

    The Afghanistan debacle should shame this Government. No matter how much they try to bluster and obfuscate it, their blunders and bombast have led …

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    A botched Afghanistan withdrawal has undermined 20 years of progress – the Conservative government cannot afford any more mistakes

    The devastating scenes we have witnessed in Kabul and across Afghanistan have been utterly heart-breaking – not least for those brave members of …

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