the tribune group has a long and proud history as a voice in the parliamentary labour party.

We want to build on that heritage by initiating policy discussions and engaging with the wider Labour movement right across the UK. By working with individuals and organisations that share our values and common goals, we will develop ideas and policy to shape future debate.




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    The Change We Need: How a Starmer Government can Transform Britain

    Edited by Clive Efford MP and Liam Byrne MP

    "The Tribune Group of Labour MPs has held a series of discussions over the last year in order to give members of the Parliamentary Labour Party a space to discuss the issues that a future Labour government will need to confront; and to consider the challenges that our party faces in convincing people that we can deliver the radical solutions needed."

    "We have been lucky to be able to call upon a number of specialists from a wide range of expertise in social and economic policy. They shared our concerns, but more significantly, were eager to share their opinions on how to deal with them. Like us, they also wanted to create a space where their ideas could be debated."

    Sharing the Future: Workers and Technology in the 2020s

    Yvette Cooper

    "Technology is already fast changing the world of work – creating remarkable new opportunities but also serious dangers of widening inequality and injustice unless we act. The Covid-19 crisis makes those dangers much more acute. Government, employers and unions cannot stand back and watch while inequality grows. We need urgent action now to make sure all workers benefit and that we use technology to rebuild a fairer, stronger, greener economy instead. That is what this report is all about."


    Baroness Ruth Lister: Whose security? The case for social security reform 

    ‘The title social “security” is laughable.  We have never felt so insecure’.i  This comment from a participant in the Covid Realities …

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    Liam Byrne MP: New times, new project

    After the tired Tory years, Keir Starmer has the opportunity to transform Britain.   The tide of ideas has turned. The tedious, lacklustre Tory …

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    Ann Pettifor: To transform the British state, the international financial system must also be transformed

    Part 1: The issues… The Covid-19 crisis has demonstrated one important truth. The international financial system is designed on terms that suit …

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    Government must do more to boost uptake of Healthy Start

    As the cost-of-living crisis mounts this winter, families with young children will suffer. Feeding and clothing your kids isn’t an optional extra, …

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    Arun Advani and Andy Summers: Fair and Square

    A Reasonable Approach to Splitting Bills and Taxing Wealth is Key to Sound Finance and Fair Taxes Given the existing pressures on government …

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    Kate Pickett and Richard Wilkinson: Spirit Level Lessons

    A Six Point Plan For The Right (Left) Kind Of Active Government In 2009, we wrote The Spirit Level, based on our work as epidemiologists …

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